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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:04

Chris Stephens Talks New Season of Garage Rehab


M&C: You guys are like a marketing SWAT team. Tell me about the garage run by veterans that also teach automotive repair skills to people transitioning from the military. Can you tell me about this coming episode?


Chris: [Laughs] Yeah. I can probably give you some teasers about it. Yes. This is for any business is we need more places for veterans to get acclimated back into this society, but also a place for that comradery where you’ve got that real brother and sisterhood that comes together because that’s what they’re used to.


They’re overseas and they’ve got to work together. They’re really protecting each other every day. Then you come out here, and it’s a different ball game. I like to see a place where people can go. They want to look. Just guys and girls, and they’re overseas, and they come back over.


When they’re at war and they come back, they don’t want to sit at home. They want to get together and have that comradery again. This is a shop that is exactly that. We basically help put together a plan and a layout where not only can they service vehicles in their community, but also they can teach other veterans on how to work on these vehicles.


There’s some twists that we’ve done, but also there’s no handicap. Everybody can use the equipment. It’s very easy for them to work around it. If you’re disabled, we have specially built equipment for disabled vets. I think this is going to be really, really, it’s going to be awesome. It’s probably going to tug at your heart string a little bit though.

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