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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:04

Chris Stephens Talks New Season of Garage Rehab


M&C: Well, it’s obvious when a hydraulic lift is repaired or replaced, or equipment is upgraded, that helps the business. What are some low cost or no cost things that garage owners, can do immediately to their own shop to up their dollars where people actually like coming there even they have to get their car repaired?


Chris: One of the easiest things is cleanliness because it doesn’t cost any money. If you’ve got junk cars, and every shop does, if you’ve some cars sitting out front, out back, and on the side, it’s going to look like a dumpy place. It really costs no money. Actually, you can make money selling scrap, money getting rid of these trucks.


If you’ve got a project car that’s been living inside your shop, which every shop does, I’ll actually figure out how many square feet that car takes up in the shop, and then tell them how much it costs them per month if they’re leasing this building. That eye-opening like, “Oh my God. I’m spending 500 bucks for this car to sit there?” You go, “Yeah.”


Sometimes it’s time to cut it loose, clear your slate, and have a nice clean place because nobody’s going to come and be like, “Oh you got that old Camaro sitting in the corner. Now I know I can trust you working on my mini-van.” That never makes any sense.


I think the three things, and this can apply to any kind of business, make sure it’s clean and organized, which should cost you no money. Also, the signs. I really say less is more because a lot of these shops will have 200 signs on their property.


Sometimes we’ll count up to 50 signs on the front of where to park, and we service this, and we can do mufflers, and brakes, and transmissions. Yeah. We know. You can do it all. Simplify your signage. Make it clearer and easy to understand. I think those are some of the freebies that any business can apply.

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