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Wednesday, 09 January 2019 21:04

Chris Stephens Talks New Season of Garage Rehab


M&C: You guys went to Sturgis, South Dakota. You would think that no auto shop in Sturgis would be in trouble. How did the Jacobs (family) find you?


Chris: That was the Season 2 premiere. They knew about the show. They know how it works. They [Jacobs] were like, “Listen. We need help.” They had a great gas station, but actually what you come to find out that gas stations themselves, you don’t make a lot of money off the gasoline.


You need to get them in on everything else from either your merchandise or your convenience store stuff, and then obviously with the service.


They weren’t servicing motorcycles, and their service department was very disorganized, and they weren’t taking full advantage of the one million people that come to Sturgis for that one+ week a year.


M&C: It would be cool to be at a destination where you could actually look at things, either historical stuff like a museum when waiting for your car. Right? Nobody wants to just sit there and read an old magazine. You want to see things and some buy or eat some good things.


Chris: The other thing is automotive shops have a had a pretty bad rap over a couple of years. We’re trying to make them a little more inviting…my rule is always like, “If my mother can’t go in there by herself, feel comfortable, get in her car serviced and use the restroom there, then you’ve got a problem.”


I always try to do that way. If it feels unwelcoming, we need to change that. If the size are confusing on what they do, we need to change that. Even the process, the step-by-step on how a car gets serviced, we should change that too.


A lot of these places, they’re surviving off of word of mouth or because they’ve been around forever, but they’re not really gaining any new customers. We want anybody to be able to see a shop and look it up on the internet, and it’s very clear on what they do and what they service. That’s what we’re trying to change.

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