Thursday, 27 December 2018 13:43

Jaguar Land Rover Announces Global Statement for all Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles


Any owner or repairer should refer to Jaguar Land Rover published workshop manuals for maintenance and repair methods.

 The owner and repairer remain responsible for the professional and proper execution of the maintenance and repairs they carry out.


Jaguar Land Rover has Authorized Collision Repair Facilities globally situated strategically to support our customers in the unfortunate event of a collision or other event that requires corrective measures to reinstate the vehicle back to its original specification.


This position statement refers to Pre & Post Vehicle Diagnostic Scanning & Calibration for all Jaguar Land Rover Vehicles.


Advancements in Jaguar Land Rover vehicle technology incorporate many different electronic control units, sensors, and cameras that assist various functions within the vehicle.


These components are an integral part of the vehicle’s operational, safety, and help to deliver a positive owner experience.


During a collision, some of the vehicle’s sensors could sustain damage internally or be affected in a manner in which failure is not evident to the driver of the vehicle.


These vehicle sensors and control units must be evaluated after a collision to ensure that a complete repair is performed, regardless of whether the vehicle notifies the driver of damage or failure via the central instrument assembly.


The pre-repair scan will reveal any potential issues early in the estimating and repair process to allow for a more complete and thorough estimate of repairs.


Post-repair scanning and diagnosis of the vehicle is necessary to ensure that the vehicle’s safety and driver-assist systems are operable and fully functioning.

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