Wednesday, 19 December 2018 11:04

Gina’s Guns Is Changing the Spray Gun Cleaning Industry

Gina’s Guns prioritizes getting your gun BACK in the game! Gina’s Guns prioritizes getting your gun BACK in the game!

Gina’s Guns is proud to announce the launch of their revolutionary spray gun cleaning and repair service answering the demands of automotive painters for a quick, effective and reliable source for all their ‘out-of-warranty’ maintenance needs.

Their sole objective is to receive your spray gun, diagnose the issue, clean/repair/test/reassemble and return to you in 5-7 business days. They prioritize getting your gun BACK in the game!


Constant communication is key. Gina’s Guns keeps you informed of your gun’s repair status with step-by-step updates and progress reports. You’ll know when your gun is received, cleaned, repaired, tested and put in the mail for shipment back to you. Gina’s Guns will keep you in the loop on all things related to your spray gun.


Gina’s Guns service offerings always include a deep cleaning and thorough diagnosis. Their signature cleaning includes a meticulous cleaning of your gun body, fluid channels, air channels and air cap. During this hand cleaning process, they will disassemble your gun to inspect and clean each individual component bringing it as close to ‘pre-usage’ condition as possible. Historically, the method employed by painters to deep clean their spray gun has been to soak in the solvent of their choosing. While effective at removing old contaminants, this can be the number one culprit for damaging crucial internal components of the gun. Gina’s Guns will only do so if absolutely necessary and will take care to remove any potentially damageable parts.


Improper spray patterns, air or fluid leaks and general poor gun performance are all common occurrences over time and can be challenging to resolve without the proper tools and repair parts. Through their interactive website (see below for URL), painters can inform Gina’s Guns of the issue(s) they are experiencing with their equipment for a pin-point diagnosis by the Gina’s Guns repair team. Their complete stock of service kits and individual repair parts makes even the most challenging and frustrating issues resolvable. Gina’s Guns customers will be notified of the additional cost to repair once parts and labor are factored in. They aim to keep their cost, and yours, well below industry averages.


For more information visit www.ginasguns.com.