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Thursday, 08 November 2018 18:13

Steck Manufacturing Company Releases Retainer Clip Release Tool

The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool


Steck Manufacturing Company has released another time-saving tool for auto body technicians. The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool makes the removal of fender flares and rocker moldings a breeze by releasing the clips that attach the moldings from outside.

No more breaking clips or wasting time trying to locate the back of the clip.

Retainer clips are commonly used to assemble fender flares and rocker moldings. These stubborn clips require you to pinch both expansion ears at the back of the arrowhead stem to release the clip. Accessing the expansion ears can be time-consuming and may require the technician to remove additional parts to gain access to them. Often, technicians will decide to pull off the molding without properly releasing the clip which ends up breaking the clips.

The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool slides between the molding and panel allowing you to access the expansion ears of the clip from the outside. By sliding the tool back and forth, you will be able to pinch the expansion ears and release the clip properly, without breaking the clip.

The tool is 10" long and made out of .015" spring steel with a reinforced nylon handle which gives it the flexibility and strength to get into tight areas. The wide opening allows the tool to release all types of retainer clips.

Labor & Material Savings:

Technicians can save up to an hour of disassembly time that is typically required to access the clips from behind. Technicians who usually opt for breaking the clips will save additional time as they will no longer have to search for the correct replacement clip.
See your Steck dealer and pick up your Retainer Clip Release Tool today!

The Steck Retainer Clip Release Tool Sells for $25.00
Part Number: 21715

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