Wednesday, 07 November 2018 11:32

Mitchell Announces Strategic Partnership With VeriFacts for Audit & Inspection Services

Mitchell has announced it has signed a partnership agreement with VeriFacts Automotive for it to provide audit and inspection field services in support of Mitchell's OEM Collision Repair Network solutions, which are offered to auto manufacturers (OEMs), fleets, and other industry participants.


"Proper and safe repair is a central tenet of Mitchell's strategic direction. In new and unique ways, our software solutions help facilitate the beginning-to-end execution of properly executed repair procedures," explained Michael Lawlor, vice president of Auto Physical Damage Strategic Partnerships for Mitchell. "However, the physical inspection of a repair facility also remains critical in evaluating its readiness for participation in our quality-focused programs. We're excited that VeriFacts will focus its well-regarded expertise on these inspections, which assess prospective program participants and their capabilities."


The partnership will promptly help facilitate the launch of the General Motors Collision Repair Network, administered by Mitchell. VeriFacts will remain the verification company for the Cadillac Aluminum Program. Interested repairers can find more information about the GM program requirements and application processes on GM's website, genuinegmparts.com.


"VeriFacts has a solid reputation and vast experience in the field of vehicle manufacturer repair programs, and we are delighted to work with Mitchell to provide services for its OEM Collision Repair Network Solutions," said Andy MacDonald, VP Sales & OEM for VeriFacts. "The measurement and management of quality input and output throughout all aspects of the repair process is at the core of the services provided by VeriFacts. We look forward to working with Mitchell in its quest to raise the bar on quality in new ways, for the benefit of all collision-repair industry stakeholders."