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Replace Your Child Safety Seat After a Vehicle Crash


If any of these conditions aren’t met, the crash would be considered moderate. NHTSA recommends that drivers NEVER use a car seat that has been involved in a moderate to severe crash. Always follow manufacturer's instructions.


“CARSTAR is committed to repairing accident damage and getting families back on the road in a safe vehicle, and the child safety seat is a major part of that vehicle’s safety system,” said Dean Fisher, chief operating officer for CARSTAR. “Any time you’re replacing sheet metal, bumpers, air bags and other safety systems, you’ve been in an accident hard enough to damage the car seat. It’s a cost that many insurance policies cover, so it’s always smart to replace the car seat and ensure your child is safe and protected on the road.”


Evenflo recommends that consumers contact their car seat manufacturer if they have questions about car seat replacement after a crash.


“Crash damage to a car seat or booster seat may not always be visible,” said Evenflo Safety Advocate Sarah Haverstick. “Damage can occur even if the child restraint is unoccupied during the crash. If a consumer has a question about whether their car seat should be replaced, it is important to contact their car seat manufacturer directly for guidance.”


Evenflo offers additional child passenger safety tips:


• Make sure your child’s age, weight and height are within the requirements for any car seat you are considering for purchase.


• Check the NHTSA guidance to help determine what type of car seat is appropriate for child’s size and development level.


• For help with car seat installation and use, contact your car seat manufacturer or find a certified child passenger safety technician near you.

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