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Sherwin-Williams Study Reveals Primary Reason Body Shops Prefer Waterborne Coatings

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Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes recently launched its new Ultra 9K Waterborne Basecoat System. Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes recently launched its new Ultra 9K Waterborne Basecoat System.


“There’s a reasonably big contingent of underinformed shop owners who have misconceptions about waterborne systems,” said Shenk.


Typically, he said those not using waterborne basecoats believe they are significantly slower than solvents and not going to provide the same color match or durability. They might have tried it years ago or heard mixed reviews.


“It surprises me that people make up their mind one way or another about waterborne coatings and then don’t consider them again,” said Shenk. “Today’s products are vastly different.”


Some of the recent innovations introduced to the market include increased production, quality of paint matching, better application equipment and supplier training.


“By today’s standards, all shops should be switching to water,” said Greg Weaver, co-owner of Acworth Collision in Acworth, GA. “Shops need to forget the water-based horror stories. Today’s systems provide better color match, better speed and are equal to, or even less, in overall expense compared to solvent.”


“We wanted to ensure our new product could perform in really busy collision shops,” said Shenk. “This research tells us that we’re on the right track. We’ve received an unwavering positive response from our customers, and it gives us confidence that the product is what our customers want.”


Sold exclusively through the Sherwin-Williams branch stores in North America, the Ultra 9K system is compact, requiring less than 70 toners and a single reducer.


Shenk said the new line was created to provide precise and quick color match to help shops improve cycle time and maximize throughput. It utilizes intuitive Color Retrieval Software and spectrophotometer as well as a wet-on-wet application. It is compliant in national rule and VOC-regulated areas and can be used in various climates in high or low humidity.


Steve Raines, manager for Acworth Collision, in Acworth, GA, said the shop’s painters love to spray Ultra 9K.


“It goes on wet-on-wet so it’s faster than other systems, the color match is outstanding, and it’s really more production-friendly,” he said. “It even reacts well to humidity, which is something we struggled with using other systems.”