Friday, 14 September 2018 08:37

Elite Body Shop Academy Launches Its 1st High-Impact Online Course

Dave Luehr, collision repair industry expert and founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions, is excited to announce that the company’s first high-impact online course is now available at the Elite Body Shop Academy.


The course, Developing a Winner’s Mindset, is specifically designed to help collision repair leaders discover the amazing power they possess and use the information to propel their lives and businesses to exciting new heights.


In addition to the FREE Elite Webinar Series the company has been hosting on its academy site since March 2018, Elite Body Shop Solutions is now offering its first of many-to-come affordable and impactful online video classes.


The company’s goal is to help owners, managers and administrative staff at body shops find simple solutions to many of the leadership and personal development struggles they face in today’s challenging business environment.


“I have been heard saying many times, ‘Right now is the best time in history to be in the collision repair business, but only for those with the right mindset!’ People would commonly ask ‘What is the right mindset and how can I get one?’” said Luehr. “There are so many amazing educational topics that the Elite team and I are looking forward to sharing with the industry, but we feel very strongly that developing the right mindset must come first. For us, this course was the obvious choice to launch first.”


Additional information about the Developing a Winner’s Mindset course can be found by visiting www.elitebodyshopsolutions.com/academy.


Luehr said he believes that well-produced online courses will continue to gain in popularity as they offer convenient, high-impact educational content that students can take at their own pace while having the ability to re-watch them as often as they or members of their teams would like.


“Based on feedback from a sample group of collision repair professionals who have viewed the mindset course, the response has been quite pleasing,” said Luehr.


Frank Rinaudo of Frank’s Accurate Auto Body said, “Great educational course Dave! Can be applied to any business and one’s personal life. If one can be open-minded to see things from a different perspective, it can change your world.”


To learn more about how you can change your world for the better, check out www.elitebodyshopsolutions.com/academy and look for Developing a Winner’s Mindset or email info@elitebodyshopsolutions.com.