Thursday, 13 September 2018 08:48

Protect Your Vehicle From Hurricane Florence Storm Damage


With a major hurricane bearing down on the East Coast, homeowners are battening down the hatches to protect their homes from damage.


But what about their second-largest investment---their cars?


Hurricanes, tropical storms and the resulting floods leave thousands of damaged and totaled vehicles in their wake. But a few simple precautions can help reduce the damage.


CARSTAR delivers a repaired vehicle every 30 seconds. Following major storms, it sees hundreds of cars damaged by hail, flying debris and flooding. Dean Fisher, chief operating officer of CARSTAR, offers the following advice to help car owners prevent damage---and repair their vehicles after the storm.


“The high winds, flood waters and debris from a hurricane can do tremendous damage to an unprotected car,” said Fisher. “Heed the storm warnings and get your car to your garage, a parking structure or at least higher ground to protect it. This can minimize the damage and repair costs.”


Get Your Car Under Safe Cover


If you’re evacuating your city, you may have to leave a vehicle behind. These steps can help reduce damage to it and make it easier to have it repaired afterward:


• Make copies of your vehicle registration, title, insurance card and driver’s license before the storm hits and secure in a safe, dry place.

• Remove valuables like electronics, sports equipment and other items from the vehicle.

• Take photos of the vehicle for any insurance claims after the storm.

• Find a secure parking garage and park on an upper level, if possible, to protect it.

• If you must leave it at home, park in the garage and consider that flooding could occur.

• If a garage isn’t available, park close to a large building on higher ground to protect from wind and debris.

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