Wednesday, 29 August 2018 08:47

Jay Leno's Garage: Jay Leno Meets up With Comedian Adam Carolla at Willow Springs Raceway


Cars can have many different lives—they can start off as one thing and transform into something completely different.

The same goes for the people who drive them. Chris “Captain America” Evans shows off his 1967 Camaro resto-mod—a car so powerful, it takes many tries to learn how to drive it! Jay meets up with famed builder Bodie Stroud, a man who made the most of his second chance by giving cars their second chance. Adam Carolla has been on "Jay Leno’s Garage" a few times—and every time his car has failed! Now Jay’s giving him another shot in a Porsche 935 racecar that was driven by Paul Newman and had many different identities! Finally, Jay heads to EV West where vintage cars are getting updated—with electric engines!

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