Monday, 27 August 2018 09:33

EstimateScrubber.com Adds P-Pages Made Easy

VehicleOwnersGuide.com, a provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the Collision Repair market, announced the addition of P-Pages Made Easy to EstimateScrubber.com.

P-Pages Made Easy is a front-end system that uses artificial intelligence to organize P-Pages for fast and easy access. It transforms the P-Page reference guides into a practical tool estimators can use to make their jobs easier. Labor procedures from the big 3 estimating providers are available.


P-Pages Made Easy incorporates an easy to use graphical user interface to select inner-most damaged areas. The system returns an organized list of P-Page links estimators can use to view non-included labor operations.


As an example, in a front hit that extends into the hood, the estimator would simply select the hood. The system identifies surrounding panels/inner items that have a high probability of damage. The estimator is presented with an organized list of relevant P-Pages links. They can then review the P-Page items of interest.


"It takes less than 7 seconds for an estimator to generate a P-Page list. We see this making estimators jobs easier in 2 particular areas, when they are reviewing estimates from systems they are not using, and for new estimators. In the first case it makes negotiation easier by providing better transparency. New estimators don't know what they don't know. P-Pages Made Easy's built in intelligence helps fills that knowledge gap. They simply select damage areas and review the results. Now scrubber is a 2 step process. Use P-Pages Made Easy to help write the estimate and the scrubber afterwards to catch any missing items, " said Bob Sandkaut, Product Architect of VehicleOwnersGuide.com.


A free version of P-Pages Made Easy is available. In addition, an upgraded version is provided with EstimateScrubber.com subscriptions.


The free version organizes P-Pages for conventional vehicles. The upgraded version will also organizes P-Pages for pickup trucks, SUV's and crossovers.


For more information visit EstimateScrubber.com.