Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:20

BASF Brands Getting a Facelift

BASF'S new branding BASF'S new branding

BASF Automotive Refinish is updating its brand images, beginning with new product labels for productivity brand R-M®, in Q3 2018.

A newly designed logo for economy brand LIMCO®, as well as new labels for both Limco and BASF’s premium brand, Glasurit®, will follow later in the year.


“As the world’s largest chemical company, our primary focus is on R&D and innovation,” said Marketing Director Dan Bihlmeyer. “We are also a twenty-first century organization, focused on leading edge facets of business from technology to communications to design. These new labels express BASF’s commitment to market leadership.”


Glasurit’s newly designed labels are accompanying its 130th birthday in 2018 and R-M’s newly designed labels are arriving in time for its 100th birthday in 2019.


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