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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 20:06

Protect Your Fleet with Martin Senour's Versatile PCC Coating System

Martin Senour's PCC® – Premium Commercial Coatings. Martin Senour's PCC® – Premium Commercial Coatings.

Proper fleet maintenance isn’t simple, but it’s an essential part of protecting valuable assets.

That’s why Martin Senour developed PCC® – Premium Commercial Coatings – a versatile primer and topcoat system built to deliver consistent results, quickly and efficiently, at a strong value.

From service and safety vehicle to school buses, agricultural equipment and construction machinery, the PCC coatings system is ideal for ongoing maintenance applications in any setting. PCC is multipurpose; it’s the perfect choice for all kinds of repairs, repaints and general upkeep. The value and versatility of PCC ensures that your vehicles are kept moving – not stuck waiting for repairs.

PCC coatings are a step up from a typical DIY product; it provides productive dry times, very good gloss content and features options that meet Low VOC standards. PCC coatings allow for thousands of color options through a compact line of toners. Because PCC is high-quality yet value-driven, all these benefits come without a steep price.

PCC’s single stage color products are available as intermix color systems as well as factory packaged colors, with both 1k and 2k mixing options. The coatings are easy to use and feature high chemical resistance, making them great options for industrial applications that require durability and good sag-resistance.

PCC DTM primers offer excellent performance properties such as corrosion resistance, durability and adhesion. 1k and 2k options both can be used with a wide range of topcoats.

PCC products are available at NAPA AUTO PARTS, where customers value one-stop shopping, excellent service and convenience offered by all NAPA Auto Parts stores. NAPA’s reputation for strong service and positioning as a reliable source for automotive needs make PCC a natural fit.

For more information regarding Martin Senour or its paint products, visit the website at or call 1-800-526-6704.

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