Thursday, 05 July 2018 13:46

The Pressure Is on With SATA’s Summer Promo

The SATA® adam 2TM. The SATA® adam 2TM.

Save money this summer on the SATA® adam 2TM and have the most precise measurement tool in the industry on your spray gun.

Available as a complete set or the docks and display are sold separately allowing to retrofit all your SATA spray guns. With one SATA adam 2 display and multiple docks your entire spray gun inventory can be cost-efficiently “digitalized”. The promotion runs now through August 25, check with your local SATA distributor.

The accurate and correct setting of the gun inlet pressure is one of the key requirements to ensure perfect color match during the painting process. Whether the pressure is set too low or too high, color deviations will be the undesired result. The consequences are unnecessary rework disrupting the efficient work-flow. "Incorrect inlet pressure" can be prevented by using SATA digital spray guns or the accessories SATA adam 2 or SATA adam 2 U on your standard SATA spray guns.

With the SATA adam 2 U, all other types of guns can also be digitized: The SATA dry jet blow gun as well as all spray guns of other makes. The display can be attached and removed in no time at all for cleaning or to be used on another spray gun.

For more information see your local SATA distributor or call 800-533-8016.