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Thursday, 05 July 2018 19:30

DeBeer Refinish Expands Color Range with New Metallic Toner

Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner by DeBeer. Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner by DeBeer.

DeBeer Refinish has expanded its color range with the introduction of a new ultra-fine metallic toner for both its premium WaterBase 900+ Series and BeroBase 500 Series basecoats.

The Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner is a simple, quick and accurate solution for anything from spot repairs to large-scale applications.

With extremely fine metallic particles, the new Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner allows refinish professionals to formulate newer colors that require a highly uniform, chrome-like finish. The expanded color capabilities for both the DeBeer Refinish water and solvent systems allow shops to achieve deep colors and impressive effects that were previously extremely difficult.

“From large refinishing jobs to minor repair – including alloy wheel rims – Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner delivers superior results driven by reliable DeBeer technology,” said Nate Chassman, Marketing Manager, Product Innovation, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes. “Our customers encounter new challenges constantly and we are proud to earn their trust as a solution provider with innovative, high-quality solutions.”

The new toner’s color precision capability enables a focused spray technique, saving both time and paint. Coupled with its fast and easy standard undercoat, basecoat and clearcoat process, DeBeer Refinish Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner helps shops achieve optimal throughput and maximize profitability.

Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes
formulated the Metallic Ultra Fine Bright Toner with innovative pigment technology to perfectly match finishes with a shimmering mirror-effect. The new toner’s industry-leading metallic pigments feature top-quality brilliance, hiding power and non-leafing characteristics, along with strong rub resistance, suitability for tinting and excellent intercoat adhesion.

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