Thursday, 31 May 2018 10:01

GM and Jaguar Land Rover Approve Car-O-Liner Vacuum Systems

Car-O-Liner, a leading global manufacturer of collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket, announced today that General Motors and Jaguar Land Rover have both approved Car-O-Liner vacuum products for use in their collision centers.

General Motors will incorporate Car-O-Liner’s complete line of CleanPrep Vacuum systems for their aluminum repair center, as well as their body shop, collision and refinishing service. Jaguar Land Rover has added Car-O-Liner’s CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Vacuum system.


According to Car-O-Liner, vacuum systems are critical since most OEM certification programs require safe dust extraction of aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials. Dust containment results in a clean business that is safe for customers and employees. Reducing dust can also reduce labor time and increase efficiency, therefore increasing profitability.

“A clean, efficient shop begins with dust containment,” said Mark Weinmann, OEM Account Manager, Car-O-Liner. “Dusts of all types are one of the most problematic enemies of a collision repair shop. As dust travels through the building, it can create corrosion, contamination, potential fire hazards and costly reworks. Our vacuum systems are built to military and commercial aerospace specifications to safely and efficiently extract dust from any shop.”


In particular, Car-O-Liner’s CleanPrep Wet Mix Immersion Separator and Dry Pneumatic Portable HEPA vacuums are designed specifically for the capture of combustible, and toxic dust, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium and hexavalent chromium coatings, capturing 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. In addition, all of Car-O-Liner’s vacuum systems feature heavy-duty components to ensure long life and outstanding durability.


Car-O-Liner, a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, is the leading global provider of high-quality, technologically-advanced collision repair equipment to the automotive aftermarket. For more than 40 years, the company has supplied the industry with innovative solutions, technical development, and customer support. The groups brands include Car-O-Liner, Josam, TruckCam and Car-O-Liner Academy. The Car-O-Liner headquarters is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Singapore and India, Thailand and China and sells through local distributors in more than 70 countries.


For more information, visit car-o-liner.com.