Thursday, 31 May 2018 09:30

Spanesi Sponsors the Database Enhancement Gateway

 Spanesi Americas announced their new sponsorship of the Digital Enhancement Gateway (DEG).

The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) is an initiative that was developed to help improve the quality and accuracy of collision repair estimates, through proactive feedback from the collision repair industry and other "end-users" to the Information Providers (IPs) that supply the databases for the various estimating products.


"We have been looking at additional avenues to support organizations that are able to bring a positive and immediate impact to the collision repair industry," explained Timothy W. Morgan, COO and Managing Director of Spanesi Americas. "The DEG provides services to our industry that bridge the information gap between collision repair facilities and information providers."


The DEG provides collision repair facilities the ability to directly submit information to Information Providers in order to facilitate review of published repair procedure labor times. "The DEG is one of the most under-utilized services available to collision repair facilities and their staff," continued Morgan. "We speak with owners and technicians everyday that need this service. We are excited to help bring this organization service to our industry."


"Spanesi is a true 360 degree solution for the collision industry, through providing collision repair equipment solutions, but also supporting a resource available to our industry," stated Danny Gredinberg, Website Administrator, Database Enhancement Gateway.


"DEG users have the ability to help fix omitted and inaccurate information found in the collision repair estimating programs through the submission of inquiries through the DEG website," explained Gredinberg. "Collision repair facilities can also utilize the database to verify and document operations that are needing to be performed, through a confirmation process directly with the information provider."


As cars evolve with new materials and technology, so must the tools and equipment to repair the vehicles as well. DEG helps end-users gain clarification surrounding the repair process and supports properly documented repair plans that may require advanced repair methods utilized today. With continued industry partnerships and sponsorships, the DEG is positioned to continue and contribute to the success of the collision industry as a whole.


The DEG believes that the repairs actually performed in our repair facilities represent a large untapped potential to collect and submit "field study" data back to the Information Providers. The DEG is designed to offer estimating system users a more standardized and streamlined process for the generation of Database Inquiries (DI). The DEG Administration serves an advocacy role, processing all submitted Database Inquiries until they reach conclusion. In addition, as an industry first, you will now be able to view all Database Inquiries that have been submitted through the DEG by other product users in relation to the estimating products of CCC, Mitchell and Audatex, including those generated through the DEG by other product users. You will also be able to view the responsiveness of the Information Providers as it relates to the Database Inquiries raised by the end-users of their products.


The DEG is also an advocate for various other database issues beyond labor database inquiries. It will work closely with other entities such as, but not limited to, AASP, ASA, SCRS, and the CIC Database Task Force in addressing macro database issues, all for the sole purpose of motivating improved estimating and blueprinting platforms.


For more information concerning the DEG, visit their website at degweb.org.


Spanesi Americas is a company created with the same passion and expertise Spanesi SpA has become known for globally since 1989. Spanesi Americas' mission is to bring new products and technologies to body shops in the Americas to enable technicians to perform repairs to high standard of excellence. Formed in September 2012, as a subsidiary of Spanesi SpA.


Spanesi SpA is the leading international producer of automotive repair equipment and manufacturer of effective body shop solutions. Spanesi's product lines includes the Spanesi 360 Degree Concept for collision repair businesses, including: Straightening Benches, Multibenches, Touch Electronic Measuring Systems, Fixturing Systems, Vacuum Systems, Welding Machines, Infrared Lamps, Lifts, Painting Tools, Spray Booth Equipment.


For more details about Spanesi Americas products and solutions, contact Timothy Morgan, COO and Managing Director. 123 Ambassador Drive, Suite 107, Naperville, Ill., 60540, 1-224- SPANESI (224-772-6374), tmorgan@spanesi-americas.com, spanesi.com.