Tuesday, 15 May 2018 12:46

Misfit Garage: '68 AMC AMX Parts Challenging to Find


This week on the Discovery Channel's Misfit Garage, Thomas finds a rare, yet pristine '68 AMC AMX.

With only thousands of this car ever made, finding parts for this American Motors Experimental car proves to make this one of the most difficult builds yet!

This episode of Misfit Garage will air on the Discovery Channel on May 16, 2018 at 9PM PST. Check out this video preview, exclusive to Autobody News!

The Discovery Channel's Misfit Garage follows the projects of Fired Up Garage. Mechanics Tom Smith and Jordan Butler opened Fired Up Garage with fellow car pros Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan. The venture is a rival of the powerful Gas Monkey garage -- featured in Discovery's hit series "Fast N' Loud" and owned by Richard Rawlings. Bad blood is rampant and tensions are high between the two shops, since Tom Smith and Jordan Butler worked for Gas Monkey and were fired by Rawlings.

Next week on the Discovery Channel's Misfit Garage:
May 23, 2018 -9PM PST
With trying to put the 1968 AMC AMX engine and transmission together, the mechanics find themselves in a circus of misfit parts and process. Will the guys be able to find their way through wires and misfires?

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