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Monday, 16 April 2018 17:30

Martin Senour’s Rustproof M/D Receives NAPA Award

Martin Senour’s Rustproof M/D Martin Senour’s Rustproof M/D

Martin Senour was recently recognized by NAPA AUTO PARTS with its Product Excellence in Innovation award for RustProof M/D.

Specially formulated for direct to metal adhesion and maximum rust prevention, RustProof M/D is appropriate for a number of rust-prone surfaces auto body shops encounter regularly, including:
•Truck beds

"We are truly honored to win the Product Excellence in Innovation award from NAPA,” said Jeff Hartl, sales director, Martin Senour. “The introduction of RustProof M/D has exceeded expectations. We appreciate how many NAPA AUTO PARTS stores took the product on, and we are proud of how well it has sold through. For over 90 years, NAPA and Martin Senour have been a united force, and believe in the strength of our long-term partnership.”

Upon application, RustProof M/D seals the surface of the substrate, stopping existing rust from spreading and new rust from forming. Its advanced technology enables users to apply it directly over rusted surfaces with minimal preparation, and features a full cure time in only 24 hours.

“RustProof M/D is designed for unrivaled durability and ongoing protection in most environments,” said Nick Dowling, product manager, Martin Senour. “Between the ease of application and quick curing time, it’s a real cost saver that becomes an essential tool.”

RustProof M/D is available exclusively at NAPA AUTO PARTS stores in gloss black, light gray, white, and dark gray.

The Martin Senour Company provides products for various automotive, fleet and manufacturing refinishing segments. Martin Senour is a preferred supplier of automotive refinish products to NAPA. Together, they provide a single source for all your automotive needs.

For more information regarding RustProof M/D, visit or call 1-800-526-6704.

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