Friday, 23 February 2018 14:12

Madison Smith Participates in 3M Collision Global Photo Shoot

Madison Smith's 3M Collision- New Zealand cover. Madison Smith's 3M Collision- New Zealand cover.

Madison Smith has a driven passion for the auto body and hot rod industry.

She has always loved to draw and paint on canvases. When she began painting on cars, she saw the perfect opportunity to combine her two favorite things: cars and art.

While going to Milan High School in Milan, TN, Smith knew she wanted to pursue a career in the auto industry, and had plans to be a mechanic like her father and grandfather. She competed in the SkillsUSA Tennessee Automotive Refinish Technology competition three times, placing second once, and winning the third time. She was the first female to win for the state of Tennessee.

During the competition, she met industry leader Kristen Felder, who hired her after college to work for Collision Hub.

When Smith was working at Collision Hub, the opportunity to work on the 3M Collision global photo shoot for the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System became something that she dreamed of---and eventually achieved. Being part of something of this magnitude is something she will never forget and will always be grateful for.

It all started with the conference call that Felder invited Smith to sit in on. 3M wanted a true painter's perspective on the cups and how it should be presented to the industry. Smith was very eager to give some honest feedback on how she felt about the cups and how they would market the system to painters.

When it was time to put the PPS 2.0 cups to work, Smith was excited to try out their new product. She has always kept an open mind about new products and will try out anything to make the job easier. The system was definitely easy to use. With help from Andy Boyd at 3M, Smith soon knew the cups inside and out. After a three-day video/photo shoot, the photos were finally ready for editing.

Autobody News
reached out to Smith via phone for more information about using the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System and the 3M Collision global photo shoot.

"Getting to finally use the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup System, I soon fell in love with the new design," said Smith. "It was a great pleasure and honor working with the 3M Collision team to get out an amazing marketing plan for their launch."

Autobody News reached out to Kristen Felder at Collision Hub for more information.

"It was important to 3M to show the diversity, creativity and passion of painters around the globe,” Felder said. “We both agreed that Madison was the perfect authentic representation of each attribute they identified. This product, PPS 2.0, was re-envisioned by the 3M engineering team. A fresh take on a proven and integral part of the painter’s life---That's exactly who Madison is. She holds deep to the roots of this industry through her time and work with her grandfather. However, she's also a fresh new perspective on who and what a painter is in the collision repair industry. She's kicking down doors by letting her work speak for her. It's really exciting to watch her career grow."

"This really wasn't a photo shoot---no models, no set and no crew. Just Madison, her tools and her paint booth. We captured a moment in the life of a painter. It was exciting to have 3M share that vision and use the content we created that day."

Smith currently works at Legens Hot Rod Shop in Martin, TN.

For more information, visit 3m.com and Madison Smith's Instagram