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Polyvance’s Kurt Lammon Featured in 'Booth Talk' Podcast

Polyvance’s Kurt Lammon Polyvance’s Kurt Lammon

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Jeremy Winters will be talking on the 'Booth Talk' podcast with Polyvance CEO Kurt Lammon.

'Booth Talk' is a podcast for the automotive refinish community, by the refinish community. It is produced by Jeremy Winters, a 15-year veteran of the industry with a huge passion for painting.

With the growing realm of social media being a way of communication between painters and other techs, Winters saw an opportunity to bring everyone together.

He said, "I had an idea to get a group of refinishers together and just chat about different topics and such. Much like a fireside chat---just using the Instagram live feature. I ran it off of my personal Instagram page (@that_painter_fella) for the first number of months, then moved it seven months ago to its own page, @boothtalk, where I still do it live every Saturday night at 8 p.m. EST. We attract people from all walks of our industry, whether it's apprentices, hot rod builders, reps and even TV personalities."

Autobody News
reached out via phone for Winters to elaborate.

"The idea for the podcast came during one of the live streams, and I had no clue how to even do the basic recordings,” he said. “After some research, I bought recording equipment and did the first episode with my friend, Tony Larimer from Dan-Am. Afterwards, I reconnected with an old high school friend, Mike Miller, who is an audio engineer and records and mixes many area music acts, and brought him aboard for the podcast. Every episode since has been mixed by him, and we've grown it ever since.

"I started the podcast to bring the backgrounds of people in our industry to light, and let their stories be heard. I've been very blessed to have befriended the people I have and to have had them on the show---people such as Kristen Felder, Ron Clan, Charley Hutton, Kevin Tetz, Tim Briggs, Gabriel Merino and others."

Winter's planned next step for the podcast is to make it more tech-based, much like how the live stream each week is on Instagram. In the next episode, airing on Wednesday, Feb. 28, Winters will be talking with Polyvance about the various products they offer, and the technology behind it.

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reached out to Polyvance CEO Kurt Lammon for more information on his 'Booth Talk' appearance.

"Jeremy came to our factory last month and discussed the history of Polyvance / Urethane Supply Company, mainly,” Lammon said. “Told him the origin story with Jim Sparks laying the foundation with the airless plastic welder. The Lammon family took over in 1995 and has stayed focused on plastic repair and refinishing ever since. We discussed our two blockbuster products---the Bumper & Cladding Coat Adhesion Primer from 2003 and the nitrogen plastic welder from 2006. We also discussed the efforts we've been making lately to provide training on plastic repair, mainly on the nitrogen plastic welder, but most recently with a video-based online course on headlight tab repair."

For more information, visit polyvance.com and instagram.com/boothtalk.

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