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Mitchell’s Program Freedom Experience Showcases Service Provider’s Newest Products, Services

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Alex Sun, Mitchell’s CEO Alex Sun, Mitchell’s CEO


Mitchell executives recently presented the company’s newest products and services during a special event in Palm Springs, California, held in January.

Titled “The Mitchell Program Freedom Experience,” the afternoon presentation showcased the work the company has been doing over the last few years to ensure it will continue to be a valuable solution provider for repair facilities. These include Mitchell WorkCenter, Mitchell RepairCenter, Mitchell Cloud Estimating and Mitchell Parts.


“For me, Program Freedom exemplifies the dynamism we are experiencing in our industry today and the increasing level of sophistication and complexity that is being introduced into the environment,” said Alex Sun, Mitchell’s CEO. “You can’t look at that and not be thinking about how we all need to refine or redefine what we do in our business models, so we can ensure we have successful enterprises and we are vital to the ecosystem at large.”


Sun explained Mitchell’s plans to continue to invest heavily in technology solutions that are used to make calculations and automate workflows to enhance efficiency for users.


Over the next decade, under the leadership of Debbie Day, Mitchell’s auto physical damage business unit will focus on two key themes: proper and safe repairs and partnering with others in the industry to allow more seamless connectivity for the ultimate benefit of the customer.


Day joined the company 18 months ago. During the presentation, she outlined the company’s goals and how they relate to the recently announced Freedom initiative.


“Freedom is not one thing, and it’s not a product,” explained Day. “It’s a concept where the industry works together to solve its challenges.”


Day outlined the four pillars of Freedom:


• Single Open Cloud Solution: The Mitchell product is 100 percent cloud-based and offers both EMS and BMS support, as well as transactional capabilities.

• Claims Automation: This touchless claims processing method offers artificial intelligence capabilities as well as big data and predictive analysis.

• Proper & Safe Repairs: Using advanced analytics, Mitchell’s focus is on comprehensive proprietary information that is contextually and intelligently accessible. This includes enhanced editorial content, diagnostics, OEM-specific estimating and certified network management.

• Partner Well: Mitchell’s partners encompass carriers, MSO/repair facilities, OEMs, and additional strategic partners and industry leaders.


Day said that Mitchell is working toward a strong collaboration with like-minded partners who together are creating a seamless experience and interoperability, taking the collision repair and claims industry to the next level.


During the event, Mitchell executives outlined the six stages of the repair process, from the initial claim (first notice of loss) to the final delivery of a properly and safely repaired vehicle. Following their presentations, demonstrations of Mitchell products were offered to the more than 200 attendees.


1) First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

Chris Bainer, Mitchell’s director of product management, spoke to attendees about first notice of loss (FNOL).


“To Mitchell, that really means embracing consumer self-service products,” said Bainer. “We have built a suite of smart mobile products that give insurers the ability to give their customers the products they want, when and where they want.”


Bainer outlined the current Mitchell products offered in regard to FNOL. Mobile First Notice of Loss allows consumers to report the facts of loss, identify the vehicle damages, determine the best inspection channel available and schedule an appointment. Photo-Based Estimating with Guided Photo Capture gives consumers the capability to take pictures of damaged vehicles and getting them back to the insurer so they can be reviewed and ready for an estimate. The tool was built to expedite claims processing and settlements, which is expected to lower loss adjustment expenses. Through Mitchell’s partnership with Guidewire, Mitchell also built two accelerators available today. These include FNOL with guided photo capture application and a standalone guided photo capture application.


2) Network Certification & Assignment

Dune Pagaduan, Mitchell and John Eck, General Motors


Dune Pagaduan, senior manager, product management for Mitchell, talked about triage and Mitchell’s intelligent assignment for dispatching vehicles to certified repair facilities.


“Today’s vehicle complexity is driving the need for certified network management and an intelligent assignment system,” said Pagaduan. “It’s very challenging to take a look at the damaged vehicle and match that with an appropriate repair facility that has the tools and knowledge to handle that repair. It’s important to get consumers back to pre-accident condition as quickly and safely as possible.”


Some of the decision-making factors that help facilitate this intelligent assignment include the proximity to the consumer, whether or not the repairers are qualified to handle the job, if they own the necessary equipment and if loaner vehicles are available.


“As a consumer, we would like to know all of this information, and collectively as an industry, we have a duty and a responsibility to provide this information,” said Pagaduan.


“Based on expertise, qualifications, certification, capacity, skills and expertise of the shop, we find the best match,” said Pagaduan. “Then we present that information to the consumer, who ultimately makes the decision on where to go.”


John Eck from General Motors offered insight on the partnership with Mitchell and how information is facilitated to efficiently improve the repair process and ultimately, the experience for customers.

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