Friday, 09 February 2018 10:40

GFS People: Meet the Structure Department

The structure department at Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS). The structure department at Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS).

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is a family-owned and operated company, focused on a family of exceptional employees.

With this “people-first” approach, the employees have every chance to flourish and make their mark. Each month, GFS spotlights a different department within the company, from the manufacturing floor to the office buildings.

The structure department at Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS) is made up of two shifts and 51 people, encompassing many diversified talents and all age groups. From all walks of life, many Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials make up this important department at GFS.

This group is responsible for structural steel welding, painting and fabrication. The primarily products they work on are Hazardous Material Storage Buildings (also known as paint kitchens), which are used to provide a code-compliant, controlled environment to store potentially hazardous chemicals for a business or shop. This department also builds dust collection modules for Sanding and Grinding Booths, which contain and filter dust and exhaust clean air back into a shop. Additionally, they work with all I-beams, product doors and heavy iron work.

The structural steel department adds value to GFS product’s weld-ons and paint. In the past four months, they came together and worked efficiently to grow the production of Hazardous Material Storage Buildings from three products to six between both shifts per month.

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