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World-Renowned Fine Artist Tom Fritz Wows Audiences With Automobile, Motorcycle Art

 “Tearing The Lid Off It” by Tom Fritz. Oil/canvas, 18” x 36” Prints available. “Tearing The Lid Off It” by Tom Fritz. Oil/canvas, 18” x 36” Prints available.

Tom Fritz is a highly acclaimed Hot Rod Artist and licensed Harley Davidson artist based in Newbury Park, CA.

Fritz is best known for his Muscle Car Stamps Series, which he created for the United States Postal Service. In the world of automotive art and vintage car art, Fritz is a highly recognized, award-winning artist. Vintage motorcycle and automobile art prints are among Fritz’s specialties.

Born and raised in San Fernando, CA, Fritz's vivid childhood recollections of the motorcycle and automotive cultures that were prevalent in Southern California during the ‘60s and ‘70s were part of the power that shaped the artist he would become. His brushwork is a celebration of those memories, showing a sense of life, an enthusiasm for his art and an intimacy with his subject. 

For more than two decades after earning his bachelor's degree in two-dimensional art from California State University Northridge, Fritz serviced major corporations, including ITT, Litton Industries and Northrop Grumman, and clients such as Petersen Publishing, the United States Army and Air Force as a designer and illustrator, while accepting freelance commissions on his own time. Today, he paints out of his studio in Ventura County, CA. The rich colors and controlled looseness captured in his paintings reveal his fascination of the early days of American motor sports, and offer a unique interpretation of the relationship between man and machine, as well as the beauty of power.

As a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society, Fritz has won the prestigious Peter Helck Award (Best of Show) an unprecedented seven times at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, in addition to the Art Fitzpatrick Award (twice), several Athena Awards and the Lincoln Award of Excellence. At the Meadow Brook Concours, Fritz has garnered several Awards of Excellence in addition to the Stanley Wanlass and Spirit of the Automobilist Awards. Fritz has also served on the Induction Committee for the Mattel's Hot Wheels Hall of Fame at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


After his widely acclaimed 1998 Harley-Davidson Annual Report series, Fritz was commissioned by Harley-Davidson in 2001 to paint an image commemorating its 100th anniversary, and has since been licensed by the motor company to pursue his continuing investigation into its colorful and multi-faceted history. In 2008, five of his works were commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service for his popular “Muscle Cars” Forever stamp series, and he recently completed a poster commission for Red Bull’s “On Any Sunday---The Next Chapter.” His work can be found in many private and corporate collections around the world, including the corporate office of the AAA, the AMA, the NHRA Museum, General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. His work has been reproduced in several internationally published magazines.

On his website, fritzart.com, he has fine art originals, fine art prints and fine art posters available, most with automotive and motorcycle themes.

Autobody News reached out to Fritz by telephone for more information. Fritz said he had most recently shown his art at the below events:

• Barrett-Jackson Auction: Scottsdale, AZ
• Grand National Roadster Show: Pomona, CA
• Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance: Pebble Beach, CA
• SEMA Artist’s Walk, SEMA: Las Vegas, NV

Fritz provided Autobody News with the following quotes regarding his artwork and art career:

• “His sole purpose is to convey a mood or evoke feelings that center around traditional hot rodding scenes, and he does it wonderfully.” — Steve Coonan, Editor, “The Rodder’s Journal.”

• “[His] supreme interpretive abilities and candid insights open our eyes to the world of American Hot Rodding. He’s the genuine article for the job” — Automotive Fine Art Journal, 2007, Tom Fritz AFAS, by O’Ciep Cimota.

• “Some say Fritz is the Rockwell of our generation. Say ‘Hallelujah!’” — HOP UP Magazine

For more information, visit fritzart.com.