Monday, 18 December 2017 15:37

Polyvance Announces Social Media Contest to Promote Awareness of Nitrogen Plastic Welding in SkillsUSA

In order to promote awareness of the inclusion of nitrogen plastic welding as a scored part of the competition in the Collision Repair Technology segment of SkillsUSA in 2018, Polyvance is creating a social media competition for secondary and post-secondary collision repair technical schools.

This competition is open to all secondary and post-secondary technical schools that have a collision repair program and have access to a nitrogen plastic welder. The competition will involve the creation of a short video of a student using the nitrogen plastic welder to make a repair of a torn polypropylene bumper. The repairs will be judged on quality and difficulty, and the video will be judged on production quality.


The first-place prize for both secondary and post-secondary programs is a Polyvance nitrogen plastic welder and an all-expense paid trip for the instructor to take a two-day training class at Polyvance’s Alabama factory. The second-place prize for both secondary and post-secondary programs is free tuition for the instructors at the same class, excluding travel expenses, and a refurbished nitrogen plastic welder.


Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2018. Go to https://goo.gl/p13tvD for complete rules.


Nitrogen plastic welding, a technology pioneered by Polyvance (formerly Urethane Supply Company) in 2006, has now become the industry-preferred method for the repair of non-structural plastic parts such as bumper fascia and headlight tabs. Offering speed, strength, and economy unsurpassed by any other repair technology, nitrogen plastic welding is now recognized by industry leaders as the most profitable way to repair non-structural plastic parts.


In business since 1981, Polyvance has focused exclusively on plastic repair and refinishing products. Their airless and hot-nitrogen welders are the industry standards for automotive plastic repair across North America. 


For more information, contact Kurt Lammon at 800-633-3047.