Monday, 18 December 2017 14:29

New Matrix Automotive Finishes System Is Compliant—Coast-to-Coast

The new Matrix C2C Coast 2 Coast® Intermix Color System. The new Matrix C2C Coast 2 Coast® Intermix Color System.

Matrix® Automotive Finishes is offering collision and restoration shops a solvent-based system that is compliant—from coast-to-coast.

Not only does this new Matrix C2C Coast 2 Coast® Intermix Color System meet compliance standards with low VOC paint and product, it comes complete with a three-tiered basecoat system, including 61 liquid toners plus dry pearls and optional custom FX® Series custom colors.


By design, Matrix’s C2C mixing system will reduce inventory, improve overall costs, deliver consistent color match and reduce cycle times “and that’s just the beginning of its long list of benefits to the shop,” says Hermon Ferrell, Global Brand Manager, The Sherwin-Williams Company, Automotive Finishes Division. “It’s been in the works for a long time and we’re excited to rollout the system in its entirety and offer customers a turn-key refinishing program that’s compliant no matter where they’re located and within reach when it comes to buying into the program and replenishing inventory ongoing.”


What started with the development of Matrix’s MPB-LV basecoats evolved into a three-tiered basecoat system with good, better and best options that meet VOC standards across the country. “The best, or premium, option offers OE quality, blendable color match and hiding,” says Ferrell. “You choose what works for your shop, your customer and the job, and your bottom line.”


With the new and improved basecoat system introduced at last year’s SEMA Show, Matrix now adds toners, 61 in all, to the program and all are low VOC and compliant across the U.S. and Canada. “The list reflects our top, most popular colors,” says Ferrell. “The goal was to offer customers a more compact mixing system with the best of Matrix and everything the customer needs for a job.”


Labeling for the launch is newly introduced as well.


Product categories are identified via a ribbon of color on the can; blue represents clearcoats, red is for primers, grey highlights ancillary items and all FX Series products are marked with a bright green ribbon.


Toner and additive cans for Matrix and FX Series color feature a spectral ribbon on white background along with tinting icon for (complete with face, purity, color direction and the direction of the flop, whether light and dark) and a part number visible on the left and right-hand side of the can.


“The tinting icon on the front of the label will definitely make shading much more convenient,” says Ferrell.


The Matrix C2C Coast 2 Coast Intermix Color System is not lacking in support either; the system includes the brand’s AccuShade® color management software and tools.


For more information, visit matrixsystem.com.