Tuesday, 07 November 2017 12:46

GFS Now Offering Consulting Services for Improving Shop Throughput

Global Finishing Solutions® (GFS), a world leader in innovation for paint booths and accelerated curing technologies, announced a partnership with Pat O’Neill to provide its customers with body shop workflow consulting services.

“We are excited to introduce this new service offering to our customers to help them improve shop processes, properly incorporate REVO Systems into their workflow, decrease key-to-key time and improve insurance payout,” says Mick Ramis, vice president of automotive refinish sales for GFS.


O’Neill, a prominent body shop owner and business partner of Bodyshop Revolution, has long been interested in emerging technologies and tools that body shops can use to improve their process flow and increase revenue. Over the past few years, infrared curing has proven itself as an effective way to speed up the curing process and significantly decrease shop lead time.


Previously an advocate for Bodyshop Revolution’s Greentech Robots, O’Neill has since changed his endorsement to GFS’ REVO Accelerated Curing Systems. According to O’Neill, REVO Systems have fewer points of failure, aren’t hindered by any proprietary booth requirements and offer better access to service and replacement parts.


However, REVO Systems alone won’t eliminate every shop bottleneck. According to O’Neill, REVO Systems are a great start, but to get “the biggest bang for your buck,” you also need to implement the best processes around that equipment.


O’Neill’s shop consultative services typically take place during the installation of new equipment to guarantee the best placement and most effective flow. His philosophy has four key strategies: consolidate departments to reduce time, eliminate estimating mistakes, decrease cure time and affect the shop’s culture and belief system.


He and his team meet with the owners and key stakeholders of the shop, train the entire team on the new process and teach them how the equipment can be used most efficiently. When paired with proper body shop workflow, O’Neill believes that REVO Accelerated Curing Systems are the best, most cost-effective IR curing products in the industry today and can significantly improve shop throughput and increase profits.

For more information visit: globalfinishing.com