Friday, 13 October 2017 17:05

SATA Set to Unveil the Newest Special Edition Spray Gun Design at SEMA 2017

“Having my design, Sailor Lady, on the SATAjet 5000 B Sailor is like walking into SATA Heaven. It makes my soul happy,” said Connie Manjavinos.

Known for her worldwide fame on social media with Girls behind the Gun, which gives appreciation to all of the ladies in the refinishing/auto body industry, she adds, “I am overflowing with excitement and honored that my design, Sailor Lady, was picked for the latest SATAjet 5000 B gun design.”

Honoring her dad, who served in the Navy, and her love of old school, traditional style tattoos with their classic designs inspired her, the theme of the design was set. With the help of her graphic designer, Bryson Kinslow from Sharkface Apparel, her ideas started coming to life.
The banner, “Let’s Spray Away, the SATA Way, Smooth Spray,” represents her love of SATA spray guns. “The SATAjet 5000 B is such a killer spray gun!” said Manjavinos. “What I love about the SATAjet 5000 B is that right off the bat, it’s sexy.” Other things she loves about the 5000 B are that it sprays amazingly well with the fan wide open, and is easy to adjust for those hard-to-reach places. She says because she has small hands, after holding a spray gun for a long time it can become uncomfortable. But when she holds the 5000 B, it is comfortable and makes her so happy that she doesn’t want to put it down and is simply anticipating the next thing to spray.

Manjavinos likes to keep it glassy and this spray gun lays down glass every single time she pulls the trigger. It doesn’t matter if she’s spraying far away or up close. “The extra swivel add-on connecting the gun to the hose is great,” she said. “Since I am smaller, it helps with my quick moving and ballerina dancing moves in the booth.” Manjavinos can’t wait for everyone to see it and add it to their SATA collection.

This limited production model will be unveiled at the 2017 SEMA Show and begins shipping to SATA distributors on Nov. 6. Distributors can begin placing orders now for this limited edition gun, while supplies last.


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