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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 21:40

Quickly Match Compressed Air Connector Profiles with Colorfit System

New Colorfit™ plugs and couplers are made of durable steel and anodized aluminum. New Colorfit™ plugs and couplers are made of durable steel and anodized aluminum.

The new ColorFit™ Color Connector System from Milton Industries allows users to quickly match compressed air plugs and couplers.

ColorFit is available in M-style® (red), A-style (green), and T-style (blue) profiles. The new Colorfit V-style HighFlowPRO™ (purple) provides up to 70 percent more flow than standard couplers. All ColorFit plugs and couplers are interchangeable with standard fittings.

Colorfit eliminates the guesswork in matching couplers to plugs. Color can be used to separate lubricated lines from dry lines to eliminate the risk of contaminating inflator, paint and other dry lines with oil from lubricated lines, extending tool and equipment life. It can also help instantly distinguish high-pressure from low-pressure lines to improve workplace safety.

"ColorFit connectors are more durable than similar color-connect lines in the market," said Greg Carlson, President and CEO of Milton Industries. “The proprietary anodizing process maintains bright, durable color and scratch-resistance. Our patent-pending sleeve design outlasts others by using steel where it’s needed most. It provides optimum wear and protects connections against harsh work conditions and events like drive-over damage."

Milton products are available at most automotive/heavy-duty dealers, jobbers, farm & agricultural retailers, hardware stores, and industrial distributors. Products are also available online via the ecommerce divisions of its customers and Internet resellers.

Milton Industries was founded as a family business in 1943 with a handful of products and a simple idea: “provide the highest quality products for our customers.” For over 70 years, Milton has made the pneumatic fittings and accessories of choice in the automotive, agricultural, construction, home, heavy-duty and industrial workplace.

Milton invented many industry-standard products, such as the classic M-Style® “I/M” KWIK® Change Coupler and Plug, Window Inflator Gage, Safety Blow Guns and the iconic Driveway Signal chimes and bell. Today, Milton makes over 1400 product SKU’s and continues to be a privately held company.

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