Tuesday, 19 September 2017 16:46

Accudraft Announces Service Department Changes to Better Serve Customers

Accudraft, the nation’s leading manufacturer of automotive paint booths, recently announced their new expanded service department.

The Accudraft team is happy to announce new and improved changes to the way they do business. Under the guidance of the new service manager, Bill Simon, the service department has successfully doubled in size in order to meet the growing demands of their customers. As more collision centers and paint booth operators turn to Accudraft for all of their panting and prepping needs, the company decided it was to upgrade their service capacities to ensure that every customer is granted the speedy, high-quality service that Accudraft is known for.


Accudraft understands that even minor problems with a paint booth can have a dramatic effect on a company’s earnings. The truth is that most companies cannot afford to have a broken paint booth for an extended period of time. To prevent this, Accudraft decided to double the number of vehicles in their service fleet in order to make sure that every client is taken care of in a timely manner.


Accudraft’s talented team of technicians has experience working with all types of paint booths. They are equipped to handle small automotive paint booths as well as large-scale industrial booths. They also are happy to service and repair spray booths from other manufacturers. Regardless of the paint booth’s make and model, Accudraft’s service team guarantees as throughout inspection and 16-point tune-up service that optimizes the efficiency and effectiveness of the spray booth.


Clients are also encouraged to choose from one of Accudraft’s custom maintenance plans, which are flexible and able to be designed to meet the unique needs of every type of company. These plans are great for ensuring that every booth receives its routine maintenance, and they can also make any unexpected major repair work much more affordable. While a maintenance plan is recommended for everyone who operates a paint booth, Accudraft strongly advises that all businesses that absolutely depend on their paint booths consider taking out a policy to prevent any unexpected problems.


The mission of Accudraft’s upgraded service department is to ensure that every business has a spray booth that is running at maximum efficiency. Along with minor and major services, the technicians are also happy to perform installations and upgrades as well. They are happy to help set up and install additional components like the EnergySmart VFD control system, the SmartPad control panel, various other add-ons for paint booths and work areas. Accudraft’s qualified technicians will even assist with changing out filters and assessing any electrical components in the paint booth and prep stations. Customers who are thinking of upgrading or replacing any components in their spray booth or prep station are always encouraged to consult with Accudraft’s service department before making any changes to their paint booth setup.


Accidents happen. No matter how well someone takes care of their paint booth, regardless of how often it is serviced, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. For smaller body shops, having a paint booth break is a major problem that could sink a business. Not only does it take productivity to a grinding halt, a faulty paint booth could also be giving customers a subpar paint job filled with blemishes, streaks, and other imperfections.


For times like these, Accudraft has set up an emergency hotline that prioritizes companies who’re having serious issues with their paint booths so that their paint shop or collision center is up and running in the shortest amount of time possible. To make an appointment for emergency repair, call 1-800-524-0340 and speak with one of Accudraft’s friendly customer service representatives.


Accudraft prides itself on being one of the industry’s leaders in spray booth technology. They have a wide range of selections to choose from for painting cars, trucks, industrial equipment, and even aerospace machinery. Regardless of whether you need a small paint booth for your body shop or a multi-level spray booth large enough to paint cranes and railcars, Accudraft has the equipment to take care of all your professional needs.


Accudraft promises unbeatable customer service and efficiency, so that businesses maintain a steady workflow without sacrificing on their quality. To learn more about Accudraft’s wide range of paint booths and how they can benefit your business, contact a friendly Accudraft representative today. They’ll be able to listen to your needs and then help you determine which of their various paint booth configurations works best for your work area, so that you’re able to get the right equipment for the job – nothing more and nothing less.


For more information visit: accudraftpaintbooths.com.