Tuesday, 05 September 2017 10:29

AkzoNobel Lesonal Multi Matt Clear: The Perfect Solution for a Matt Finish in any Gloss Level

 Multi Matt Clear is a National Rule compliant, two-pack clear that is designed for the repair and total re-spray of original matt finishes. Whether a car or car part has a matt, very low, or semi low gloss finish, Multi Matt Clear can do the job.

 By mixing the low gloss and semi-gloss components, any desired gloss level can be achieved. With its two different speed reducers, Multi Matt Clear is suitable for full body matt cars, as well as the repair of smaller parts.


Thanks to its easy way of preparation and application, Multi Matt Clear provides an even and cloudiness-free appearance. Because of its smooth and hard finish, it doesn’t show any gloss increase over time.


• Easily achieve any gloss level.

• Uniform and cloudiness-free appearance.

• Smooth and hard finish, without gloss increase over time.

• Suitable for any panel repair and complete re-sprays of cars with matt finish.


Item Number:

· Low Gloss, 1L: 546438

· Semi Gloss, 1L: 546436

· Hardener, 1L: 546437

· Reducer Standard, 1L: 546439

· Reducer Slow, 1L: 546440


Learn more at lesonal.com.