Thursday, 31 August 2017 14:53

A Service on your Paint Booth is as Important as a Change of Oil on your Car

What if you never changed the oil or serviced your car? It breaks down soon and costs a lot of money. At that point that $40.00 dollar oil change doesn’t seem to be that bad.

But what if, you never service your paint booth? Does it break down fast? Or is the price you pay not so blatantly obvious? First off, lets define a paint booth in another way, let’s call it a “clean room”. The purpose of a paint booth is to paint a surface in the most clean environment as possible while providing the painter with a safe working environment, now defining your paint booth this way may offer a different prospective. Neglecting your primary piece of equipment is not the best business practice.


Now lets’ look at why: First off a dirty booth blows around all the dust and dirt which ends up on the painted surface, this creates more labor time detailing or even worse re painting the same car/part. Two, not servicing your booth forces more negative or positive pressure thus using and buying more paint booth filters. Next, not servicing your ducts and fans creates air flow restrictions which create a big problem. If the ducts and weather caps are full of build up paint the air will not fully exhaust, thus creating more pressure in the cabin, over spray will linger, and end up on the car and even worse, on your painter.


At this point we are talking about health risks, and a really bad working environment. Can you spell O.S.H.A.? It doesn’t stop there. If you neglect your ducts and fan your motor will work faster and draw more amps and eventually burn out forcing down time and production while replacing it with a new motor. What we often see on service calls are broken fan blades and fan housings, when the paint build up on the fan is excessive it causes an unbalance of the fan and the blades start wobbling or scratching on the fan housing, resulting in broken bearings and the need for a new fan.


The average price of a new fan and motor is about $2,500.00 plus labor to install and down time. Lastly, heated booths are the most important to service. We recommend at least one annual tune up on heaters, the average price on heaters start at $12,500.00 plus labor to replace. Not to mention wasting gas, propane, gas smell, gas leaking in the booth which causes health risks for the operators and employees. Need we say more? If you were a trumpet player you would clean your trumpet. So if you service your car, you should service your paint booth at minimum once a year. We try and help our customers become proactive rather than reactive, try it and see how much money you save.


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