Friday, 18 August 2017 10:47

Mitchell Launches Mitchell Diagnostics™ System and Mitchell Estimating Cloud to Assist Body Shops

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Jack Rozint, vice president of sales and service at Mitchell International, demonstrates the Mitchell Diagnostics system during NACE Automechanika 2017 in Chicago, IL. Jack Rozint, vice president of sales and service at Mitchell International, demonstrates the Mitchell Diagnostics system during NACE Automechanika 2017 in Chicago, IL.

This summer, Mitchell International announced two new developments to assist collision repairers run a more streamlined business. 

The Mitchell Diagnostics system was designed to enable shops to more effectively assess and repair vehicle electronic systems, and Mitchell Estimating Cloud focuses on enhancing the estimating process. 


Mitchell, in collaboration with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, introduced the Mitchell Diagnostics system for the collision repair and automotive claims markets. The company said the collision diagnostics system combines a best-in-class aftermarket scan tool with workflow applications in order to document pre- and post-repair scans and perform diagnostic repairs. 

“In today’s rapidly changing automotive industry, collision repairers must quickly and accurately assess vehicle damage, while providing accurate estimates and decreasing repair cycle time,” said Jack Rozint, vice president of sales and service at Mitchell International, a provider of technology, connectivity and information solutions to the property and casualty claims and collision repair industries. “Mitchell Diagnostics will provide an end-to-end diagnostic system that combines appraisal and repair workflow applications with Bosch’s most advanced aftermarket tools.” 

He said this will help shops increase productivity, experience a smoother repair process and provide an enhanced level of customer service. 

After researching a wide variety of scan tools on the market, Rozint said Mitchell chose Bosch because of its coverage and modern technology, as well as the excellent support provided. Some of the features of the Mitchell solution include customized scan reports with automated document routing, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming, with options that include target system for recalibrating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) kit. 

“Working with Mitchell will integrate our scan tool directly into the workflow applications used by collision repairers and insurance carriers, which will assist in the diagnostic portion of collision repairs,” said Stefan Schmitt, vice president of engineering and product area diagnostics at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. 

The system confirms that the VIN on the scan report matches the VIN on the vehicle. Rozint said the report can then be used to support repair billing and offers carriers and repairers a record showing the vehicle had a clean scan after the repair process. 

Bill Lawrence of 1st Certified Collision Group in Southern California said one of the challenges the multi-site collision repair operation has is documenting, confirming and getting compensated for the scanning done in-house. 

“With the Mitchell Diagnostics system, we’ll be able to demonstrate via validation documentation that the work was performed on the vehicle with the VIN matching the insurers’ claim, and we can easily attach that to our repair order and the carrier’s claim file,” Lawrence said.

Mitchell’s system has the capability of adding scan reports to the major estimating, repair management and claims process systems and integrates with Mitchell Estimating and RepairCenter. The patent-pending system is currently available to repairers, insurers and independent appraisers throughout North America. 

Mitchell Estimating Cloud is a cloud-based system, which was designed to simplify the estimating process. 

“We are the only full-featured collision estimating application in the United States today that is fully cloud-based,” said Rozint. 

Debbie Day, executive vice president and general manager for Mitchell Auto Physical Damage Solutions, said estimators and appraisers are no longer tied to their desks and can work anywhere on any modern browser and device, at any time.

The system, completely integrated with Mitchell Diagnostics, is capable of running on Microsoft Windows, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Shops can use the browser of their choice: Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Repairers may utilize either EMS or BMS standards for data sharing with trading partners.

“It’s an extremely intuitive system,” said Rozint. “Anybody who has used any estimating system before can sit down, watch a four-minute video and then log in and start writing estimates.” 

Rozint said another advantage is that shops can write estimates more quickly and have the ability to work on multiple estimates at one time. Some of the key features include the ability to capture vehicle information prior to writing the estimate, photo integration, the availability of OEM repair procedures while the estimate is being written and guided estimating with pre-configured estimate templates available to assist the estimator with decision-making. 

“Using the new Mitchell Estimating Cloud is changing the way we write estimates,” said Andres Sanchez, claims adjuster for Superior Auto Body. “I feel it’s going to shorten the time we have the vehicle in the shop, to write the estimate and get it approved. I like the fact that it’s web-based and that I can use the platform on a tablet or a laptop---even my mobile phone.” 

Mitchell Estimating Cloud, completely integrated with Mitchell Diagnostics, is currently in limited release and being used by 80 facilities. It is planned to be fully released in the fourth quarter of 2017.

For more information about Mitchell Diagnostics and Mitchell Estimating Cloud, call (800) 238-9111 or visit http://www.mitchell.com/contact/auto-physical-damage/apd-repair