Tuesday, 15 August 2017 15:44

New Chief® M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder Is Faster and Easier to Use

Dent repair is faster and easier with less chance of ancillary damage when using the new Chief M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder.

Grounding preparation is automatic, eliminating the need for grounding cables, and through-material transfer of welding heat is minimized or eliminated.


For collision damage repair, when a stud is spot welded to the outside surface, all too often some of the heat is transferred through to the backside of the material, causing unintended additional damage. The new Chief M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder incorporates technology that allows for a strong spot weld with minimal heat penetration, so little or no heat is transferred through the material to areas where it is not needed.


Another productivity enhancement of the Chief M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder is a grounding mechanism built into the stud gun head. This eliminates the need to sand off a piece of the panel material so that a ground can be attached to this bare metal area. Instead, when the M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder head is applied to the surface of the material where the stud is to be welded, grounding prongs automatically emerge and touch the surface, providing the necessary grounding to perform the stud welding.


“The new Chief M30 Pro Aluminum stud welder is designed to improve technician performance and productivity,” says Mickey Swartz, vice president of global product management for Chief. “It dramatically reduces preparation time and minimizes the potential for causing additional damage due to heat transfer.”


The M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder operates off of 115V power. It is available as part of the new Chief MultiTool Aluminum Dent Repair Station or separately.


To learn more about the Chief M30 Pro Alu Stud Welder, visit chiefautomotive.com, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262.

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