Monday, 14 August 2017 15:54

Volkswagen: What's in a Color?

How Volkswagen color designers choose the hue and tone of your new VW — and how to keep it looking great.

“What color is it?”


It’s the first question your design-savvy friends ask when you tell them you bought a new car. And it can be a challenge to answer — there are infinitely more hues and tones, tints, and shades than there are words to describe them.

Color designers have loads to consider when selecting a hue. They have to weigh the unique personalities of each vehicle and think about which color best complements a vehicle’s interior colors and textures. What’s more, they have to select a color that will look great for years to come.


Volkswagen color designers have this enviable yet agonizing task when choosing the paint colors for VW models each year. And it’s no easy feat — they have to combine aesthetics, psychology, cultural influences, fashion trends, and physical paint chemistry to make decisions that have a lasting effect.

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