Tuesday, 08 August 2017 14:08

PPG Launches NEXA AUTOCOLOR® Advanced Clearcoat P190-6920

PPG has introduced NEXA AUTOCOLOR® P190-6920 Production Clearcoat, an easy-to-use clearcoat designed for exceptional throughput and engineered specifically for use over AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat. 

The new clearcoat is now available throughout the United States and Canada and is compliant with VOC requirements in all regions of North America.

“The launch of P190-6920 Production Clearcoat marks a significant advance in automotive refinish technology,” said Tim Jones, PPG manager, water collision segment, automotive refinish. “We’ve formulated this premium clearcoat to match perfectly with Aquabase Plus and deliver the exceptional finishes PPG customers expect. Collision centers incorporating P190-6920 into their system will appreciate the fast process times and energy-saving qualities that can increase productivity and provide consistently beautiful results.”

Jones added that P190-6920 allows easy application by utilizing the same hardener and thinners as the popular Nexa Autocolor clearcoats P190-6930 and P190-6950. Further, he noted that P190-6920 allows exceptional throughput on repairs up to four panels, with a minimal bake time of just twenty minutes. The clearcoat features an energy-saving lower force-dry temperature of 120°F and is a time-saver in the booth: Panels coated with P190-6920 can be reassembled after an air-dry period of 90 minutes to two hours. The process ultimately yields an excellent appearance out of bake, with no polishing required and superb gloss retention.


For more information about P190-6920 and other PPG automotive refinish products, call (800) 647-6050 or visit ppgrefinish.com.