Thursday, 22 June 2017 17:30

Chief® Vulcan ADU Approved by Ford, Mitsubishi and Nissan

Chief Vulcan ADU 2017


Ford, Mitsubishi and Nissan approved the Chief Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit (ADU) for use in the structural repair of their vehicles.

Vulcan is designed to use infrared heat to break the bonds of structural adhesives joining automotive steel, aluminum and carbon fiber panels. Using the Vulcan ADU, the company said technicians can de-bond panels faster and dramatically reduce the risk of damage to underlying components.


“Most automotive OEMs are using increasing amounts of glue and epoxy adhesive bonding to add substantial strength to their cars and trucks without adding weight. Separating thin layers of material connected by these adhesives can be challenging,” said Lee Daugherty, director of collision sales, the Americas, for Chief parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG). “We identified the need to find a better way to remove such adhesives without causing additional damage during collision repair."


Chief’s Vulcan ADU works on any vehicle surface, including aluminum, carbon fiber and steel.


To learn more about the Chief Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit, click here, contact your local Chief distributor or call (800) 445-9262.

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