Thursday, 10 April 2008 06:40

Quality Paint Suits Factor into Perfect Finishes

Written by Rich Evans

Okay, let’s talk a little bit about a subject every painter encounters. It’s not one of the best aspects of the job, because it’s often very uncomfortable. I’m talking about all the gear we have to wear to keep us clean and keep the paint job as smooth as possible. Unfortunately it’s an absolute necessity.

Not only do you not want lint or dust from your clothing to contaminate your fresh finish, but it’s also a serious health risk to have your clothing soak up the toxic vapor. Not only are you hurting yourself, but by washing these clothes with the rest of the family’s laundry, the same toxic contaminants end up in their clothes.
    These are not just scare tactics, but a reminder about why we wear all this gear. That’s why I always use the best brands out there for myself and the finishes that I produce –  in particular the Micro Flex Gloves and Shoot Suits that I use. You can check these products out at www.microflex.com, www.shootsuit.com, or visit the links page at www.huntingtonbchbodyworks.com.
    My choice is Shoot Suits brand painter’s gear. After trying everything out there, these suits are by far the most comfortable and seem to last the longest. With the hours that I put in at the shop, my suits take a beating to the point of affecting our bottom line. I finally got tired of seeing my profits go into the trash with uncomfortable and poor quality paint suits that don’t last.
    Paint suits can be relatively inexpensive, but over a year’s time, those dollars start to add up. Also, after putting so many hours of work into a custom finish, there’s nothing I hate more than to see all my hard work ruined by contaminants from a cheap painter’s suit.
    Another factor is that at Huntington Beach Bodyworks, we are often in the public eye or being watched while we work for various reasons. This sparked my idea of a custom line of painter’s suits. Since I already knew the fine quality of products from Shoot Suits, I decided to give them a call and try to come up with a line of customized Shoot Suits.
    If you’re finishing off a one-of-a- kind custom vehicle, why not do it in a custom suit while you’re at it. Especially if you’re documenting the project, it’s another way to set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

    Several different factors drew me to the Shoot Suit product line. First of all, the life of their suits is over 10 times that of a regular cheap suit. They are more comfortable, as well, because you could be in these things for a long time and it can get very hot and uncomfortable. They are machine washable which provides some additional savings. Instead of being made with some kind of cheap paper material, they are made with nylon and a cotton/poly blend in the back to help you breath and cool off.
    Probably the best part about the suits is how long they last and the strict measures that Shoot Suits goes through in the production process to keep their products contaminant free. One thing I’ve faced with other suits is that the sleeves slide up your arm in the middle of a paint job and you can’t stop to slide it back down. Now your paint job is being contaminated.

Importance of Quality
The quality of your work is often related to the quality of your tools – including paint suits that we wear. I’m not saying your paint job is going to come out better because you’re wearing a higher quality suit. I am saying that there is a higher probability your paint job will be hurt by a cheap low quality suit. That sounds like a gamble to me. In this business, we have enough things to worry about, without having our finishes ruined by cheap products and watching our hard earned money fly right out the window.
    So check out Shoot Suits at www.shootsuit.com and keep an eye out for the introduction of high quality suits with new Rich Evan’s custom designs.

    Rich Evans, owner of Huntington Beach Bodyworks in Southern California, is an award winning painter and fabricator. Currently he is offering workshops at his facility so he can share his special techniques to other industry professionals. For more information about Evans, visit www.huntingtonbeachbodyworks.com