Tuesday, 13 October 2020 23:04

OEC Acquisition of NuGen IT Will Further Assist Collision Repairers to Meet Requirements of Insurers, OEMs & Customers

Written by Autobody News contributor
Pete Tagliapietra, founder and president of NuGen IT. Pete Tagliapietra, founder and president of NuGen IT.


As our company evolved, we believed collision repairers were at a disadvantage. Auto claim process applications for insurance companies were plentiful, and we saw an opportunity to provide software applications to collision repairers that could significantly alleviate the administrative burden they are faced with.


Today, our application services are offered equally to both of these market segments.


How have NuGen IT’s product offerings evolved for collision repairers?


On the collision repair side, we understood the great need for products to help repairers meet their internal needs, insurance and regulatory requirements. As a result, we started offering "hybrid solutions" to collision repair organizations.


For example, we developed a strategic partnership with ALLDATA about eight years ago and developed Estimate Integration. The goal was to proactively deliver OEM repair procedures to collision repairers regardless of the estimating system or manufacturer. Shops could analyze and audit estimates to ensure they were incorporating the required repair procedures before submitting them to insurance companies.


We also pioneered the concept of DRP (Direct Repair Program) Self-Management. Around 2010, we presented the concept of Self-Management to a leading insurance company, which resulted in a pilot project with two major MSOs. The concept led to a new way of capturing and analyzing shop performance and measurement.


Our compliance technology allows our collision repair customers to optimize an estimate before submitting it to the insurance company. Estimate optimization ensures it is accurate as possible and meets the insurance company’s policies as well as identifies overlooked labor operations that could end up in a supplement request.