Tuesday, 13 October 2020 23:04

OEC Acquisition of NuGen IT Will Further Assist Collision Repairers to Meet Requirements of Insurers, OEMs & Customers

Written by Autobody News contributor
Pete Tagliapietra, founder and president of NuGen IT. Pete Tagliapietra, founder and president of NuGen IT.


We rely heavily on our business-rules-driven compliance technology to accomplish this through the products we develop. I believe this, along with other technologies---such as our ability to accurately transform a PDF of an estimate back into the CIECA Legacy EMS (Estimate Management System) or BMS (Business Message Suite) data formats---helped set our company apart from competitors.


Our product offering also heavily focuses on Business Process Compliance. Business Process Compliance utilizes computer software to analyze an estimate or just about any other formatted document. Hence, an insurance appraiser or body shop service manager knows when the estimate is not in compliance with the database, external or internal policies, and procedures or regulatory requirements.


The technology is compatible with any estimating system and almost any formatted template. As a result, collision repairers use one compliance tool rather than purchasing multiple tools to meet their needs and requirements of their insurance company partners.


NuGen IT’s product offerings incorporate robotics automation whenever possible. Software robots can perform the analysis function on behalf of the user, so the correct outcome is delivered the same way every time, creating accuracy, uniformity and consistency.


The nice thing about robotics automation and software intelligence, commonly referred to today as machine learning, is computers can “perform an outcome” the same way every time based on the input of many different variables.


Initially, we developed our products primarily for insurance companies and giving them open network capabilities to deliver an assignment directly to a network or non-network repair facility. As long as a collision facility had an internet connection and a computer, they could receive an assignment and then import the administrative data into their system(s).