Thursday, 30 September 2004 10:00

CCRE Step up to the Plate annual convention

Written by Dick Strom

CCRE Update

A wise person once said that if you are a collision shop owner who wants to purchase or learn about the new equipment, go to the trade show. But if you want to learn how to make money to pay for that new equipment, attend the CCRE's "Step Up To The Plate" Annual Convention, held at the Las Vegas Imperial Palace on November 4, 5, 6, 2004. This will be CCRE's biggest and best event yet. Check out the following lineup of pertinent seminars and their key speakers. 

DAY ONE: November 4, 2004

8:00-9:00 CCRE's Kick-Off of this three-day event begins with a one-hour general meeting. Hear where CCRE has been, where CCRE is headed, and what CCRE is focusing on that can be shared openly. Find out how various "legal causes of action, " such as tortuous interference, disparagement, discrimination, and restraint of trade are still being pursued by CCRE. Purchase videos, CD-DVD's, and books to make your business more profitable.

9:00-10:00 Loss In Market Value: A Valuable Tool: Presented by attorney David Wattel, this legal viewpoint on the benefits and importance of educating consumers and attorneys on why the pursuit of diminished value (loss in market value), and the proper repair of vehicles, are critically important to you.

10:15-12:00 Arbitration-Mediation- and Other Issues: Erica Eversman Esq., admired author and industry advocate, delivers valuable information on subjects of awareness of the various legal issues that shop owners and consumers face.

1:00-2:00 Know The Law: Professor, lecturer, and author of several legal desk references, Mr. Bruce Cornblum Esq. will discuss issues of legal awareness and potential liability for shop owners. Topics may also include anti-trust, steering, betterment, state laws, and more.

2:00-3:00 Legally Losing Hard Earned Money: A crazy title for a great seminar covering such issues as Mechanic- Artesian Lien Laws, describing how inappropriate state laws can create potentially expensive problems for shop owners.

3:15-4:00 Paying Close Attention: Shop owner Ann Spink will show us how written statements on insurer-prepared estimates can potentially lead you liable if you ignore or are not aware of insurers' intent.

4:00-5:00 Question and Answer Session: Attendees can ask attorneys present questions relating to industry issues. Some material may also be handed out.

DAY TWO: November 5, 2004

8:00-12:00 Become An Expert Witness: Post-Repair Inspectors Patrick Yurek and Ken Klein host this power-point presentation to those interested in learning more about becoming an Expert Witness. Learn from the professionals the ins-and- outs of a lucrative career in PRI. Many helpful tips will make this class a must- attend event.

1:00-2:00 Join The Tough And Proud: Hosted by industry leader Rocco Avellini, learn of the many successes and rewards that a career in PRI has to offer.

2:00-3:00 Getting Paid: Hosted by Tony Lombardozzi, Bob Klem and Lou Russo, in this seminar you will learn how easy it is to make a reasonable profit on every vehicle you repair, including that on all paint and materials used.

3:15-4:00 Marketing and Developing Discussion: This presentation by successful shop owner Barrett Smith covers subjects like preparing handouts that educate consumers, advertising that sells, and replacing lost revenue streams.

4:00-5:00 Preferred Collision Professionals: Taught by successful shop owner John Padula, PCP is a unique franchise concept that generates revenue through buying and marketing power and innovative marketing strategies that get you around the steering tactics we all face.

DAY THREE: November 6, 2004

8:00-9:30 Employees-Technicians: Hosted by master technician Paul Bailey, learn what steps collision shop employees can take to protect themselves from illegal activities by employers and others. Learn what you can do to expose those practices.

10:00-12:00 For Licensed Attorneys Only: Rocco Avellini presents a power- point presentation that has attracted legal representatives who are now realizing that there is an importance in establishing a close relationship with Post Repair Inspectors and Independent Vehicle Examiners. Open to licensed legal professionals only.

1:00-2:00 Make A Kid Smile Auction: Your chance to do a little something good for a very precious little boy or girl stricken with life threatening diseases. All proceeds and donations will go the Make a Wish Foundation.

2:00-5:00 Independent Glass Assn.: A time dedicated to IGA issues.

For further details and costs of these great classes, call theCCRE office (1-877-700-7743), or contact us at CCREoffice@aol.com. Certain limited discounts apply, and CCRE sponsor-members have limited-time priority over non-members. Don't miss this event. Call now to reserve your place.