Sunday, 30 April 2006 10:00

A blatant, shameless commercial for the CCRE

Written by Dick Strom

Following are comments that Coalition for Collision Repair Excellence (CCRE) shop owners and technicians have posted on various discussion boards concerning their regard for CCRE leadership, and the direction in which CCRE is going. As you will note here, CCRE is accomplishing positive change in the collision industry. 

"The professionalism of those who post, and how members communicate on the CCRE discussion forums, took me by surprise; never did I think it was going to be so intense… if there was just one wish I could have right now it would be that you all could know how awesome the CCRE can be for all of you, including techs. On their website I haven't seen even one post where infighting is going on. No arguing, very professional."

"This week, with the help of what I've learned on the CCRE Discussion Board, I've made more money because I've learned a better way to do things. So thanks to everybody here for your help. I'm glad I joined CCRE. You all are great! Thanks."

"Thank You... I constantly brag about the CCRE to the other techs at work, and also about the quality people associated with the CCRE. This is a very informative site for techs as well. We can ask questions to the best of the best when it comes to owners and managers. I know I will be a renewing member. Thanks again everyone."

"The accumulated knowledge and the personalized help we receive from the members of this (CCRE) chat room will give you confidence in your business decisions."

"You can learn a lot right here amongst the smartest and best in the industry. Throw out the questions and be ready. We have all learned a lot from each other and will continue to learn and grow."

"The CCRE is exactly what I expected, and more… you will never know the benefits CCRE can provide until you give it a try, so why not give the CCRE a try?"

"I used to feel so alone in trying to get my shop and my techs what is needed, but what helps me accomplish this is participation in the CCRE, the ones who really help."

"I wish I had all the answers, but I joined the CCRE and now I'm doing something to make a difference, and it is working."

"I'm a member of the CCRE, and I have a great system: Each week I sign paychecks, and my techs cash them. It's a great system."

"Being a newer CCRE member, I've learned a great deal from the Discussion Board Forums here, and applied it in the shop with favorable results. Thanks to all."

"CCRE members include PRI companies who want to make it better for us by forcing insurance companies to pay what is needed for a repair… just imagine the power we give the customer when another company is involved in protecting the customer, who in return protects us in getting what is needed."

"I thought I would see tons of arguing and hardcore discussions, like most other discussion boards. But instead I could understand every word spoken, no one spoke in a way that was difficult to understand where they where coming from, every post I read explained what they where saying in a way the reader did not have to personally message them to see what they were talking about."

"I am a member of CCRE and proud of it. Change what you can about this industry and hacks go away."

"Give it a chance everyone, I promise your first impressions, if you join to really want to make a change, will be awesome, but remember like in all things, if you want to make a change, you have to be willing to open your mind to do things differently."

If you too would like to learn a better, more profitable way to do business, contact theCCRE (1-877-700-7743) or visit www.theCCRE.com.

The CCRE is a pure collision repair industry effort, representing the interests of collision shop owners operating as independent business entities, empowering them to successfully challenge the mandated use of inferior crash parts, decline to do improper repairs, and pursue legal remedies for illegal job "steering."