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Marketing for Shops: Let Your Customers Become Your Brand Ambassadors With Ad Specialties

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● Over half (52 percent) of the time, ad specialties leave a more favorable impression of the advertiser.

● Eighty-one percent of product recipients indicated that an item’s usefulness is the primary reason to keep it.

● There are nearly 8,000 different automotive-related promotional products currently in ASI’s database.

● The automotive industry buys more promotional items than do all other consumer product companies combined nationwide.


Study results show that most people own approximately 10 ad specialty items on an on-going basis and hold on to them for an average of six months, a far longer time period than any other traditional form of advertising.


What’s your ultimate goal in giving away a pen, hat or key chain? Who’s your target audience---millennials, small families or the senior market? Are you trying to reach out to prospective customers? Or are you staying in touch with your VIP clients---those who seem to get into more accidents or have higher-end vehicles? Are you doing a campaign targeting your vendors, insurance agents, local community leaders or organizations?


It all comes down to finding your target market and continually branding. But maybe just importantly, invest a little more money into your ad specialties or buy them in smaller quantities and distribute them less liberally. The idea is to get people in your community to wear that same shirt ad hat more than just once!

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