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Marketing for Shops: Let Your Customers Become Your Brand Ambassadors With Ad Specialties

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"Being creative is also a great way to really connect even more with your most-prized contacts. Some shops will put the company mascot on the item, such as the shop dog or pet. Corny sayings like ‘We Meet by Accident’ will also work, believe it or not. The most important thing is to not buy inexpensive items because it makes you look cheap. Instead of purchasing 5,000 cheap plastic pens, for example, maybe buy 2,000 higher-quality pens in order to keep them in the hands of your customers longer."


A well thought-out ad specialty is more likely to pay for itself over time and maybe even generate a profit in some cases.


“The longer a customer will use that item, the longer your name and brand will remain at the top of their minds, which means your efforts will grow exponentially,” Healy said. “We want something that they will use repeatedly and that will remain on their desk for a much longer period of time. Some shops (mostly restoration) sell a line of apparel, which is the ultimate situation because people are paying them to do their branding for them.”


Some shops are always looking for seasonal ad specialties to gain even more exposure during certain times of the year.


"During the summer, some shops use flip flops, sunglasses and beach towels, and in the winter, I will often suggest beanies and even sweaters or jackets if they have the budget," Healy said. "One of my clients even asked me to create book covers for the back-to-school season, and they received huge kudos from the students and their parents."


According to Healy, the products that leave the most positive impressions and that recipients keep longer are: outerwear, shirts, recognition items (awards, plaques), caps/headwear, flash drives, health and safety products, desk/office accessories and bags.


The ASI conducted an in-depth study a few years ago to illustrate the importance of ad specialties in the automotive marketing, branding and advertising world:

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