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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 16:01

Marketing for Shops: To Facebook or Not? Answers From Experts for Body Shops

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For a very small amount of money, they can get in front of a significant amount of their current and potential customers in a highly focused and targeted way. You can specify users in a tight geographic area based on their interests, etc., so you don't have to take a shotgun approach, which leads to more engagement, and you pay only for those people rather than people who may not be in your market.

ABN: So, the days of businesses posting cute videos and funny photos on Facebook are over?


Schoolcraft: Yes. We have learned that collision facilities should not use Facebook as a tool to showcase their comedic talent or to share recipes, but rather as an outlet to provide information on how they can serve their community, as well as incorporating the differentiators a shop has over its competitors. The reason for this is because social media is an element of the collision customer’s purchase journey and should be used that way---as a validating resource, rather than expecting it to be a conversion tool. While a well thought-out and purposeful social presence can help in converting customers, it should not be considered this industry's next silver bullet. It’s simply a piece of the overall marketing puzzle. Our research is further validated, as Facebook's mission is "to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”


Iraola: We tell our shop clients that they should still have fun with their Facebook pages, because people still expect that from Facebook to a degree. But, yes---if you post too many funny videos or other trivial content, you might lose your relevance. Keep in mind that collision repair is not an impulse buy and that most people don't ever wake up in the morning thinking warm and fuzzy thoughts about the experience of getting into a car accident. Your image on any social media should be similar to that of an attorney, a bank or a school where transparency, honesty and full accountability are key, so always take the high road when you post anything on Facebook.

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