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Marketing for Shops: To Facebook or Not? Answers From Experts for Body Shops

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People started jumping off the Facebook bandwagon after it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica was allowed to "harvest" user data without consent from Facebook users, compromising their personal data.

Others are gravitating away from social media overall for many reasons and concentrating more on things such as blogs, email newsletters and other forms of original content to attract customers.

But, for collision repairers, many have stayed put because Facebook is still a great way to promote their businesses. So, we recently asked Nick Schoolcraft, president at Phoenix Solutions Group, and Angel Iraola, owner of Net Business Consulting & Solutions, if body shops should still utilize Facebook and how to use it for optimum results.


ABN: Should body shops still believe in Facebook, even though it has lost momentum recently due to the data breach?


Schoolcraft: The short answer is yes, and the main reason is that today's consumer has become accustomed to living in a world of increased transparency. As unfortunate as these breaches are to our level of trust, consumers continue to interact with brands even after a breach has occurred. While trust has always been a commodity that is hard to come by, it's important to understand the way Facebook approaches businesses vs. personal profiles. A personal profile represents you as a human being, while a business page represents your business. However, to have a business page you are required to have a personal profile to manage it. What is important to note is that Facebook cares more about the personal profile data than the data on the business's page. Most shops don’t realize there is a difference between a profile and a page. This is why it's critical to seek out an organization that understands the difference between the two and partner with them when diving into the digital marketing space.


Iraola: We have changed our customers' approaches on Facebook and now are relying on other forms of social media as part of a marketing mix, but Facebook is here to stay and a necessary part of any plan we devise for body shops. Some consumers quit using Facebook initially after the breach, but many of them have returned based on our research.

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