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Marketing for Shops: Does Email Marketing Work for Body Shops Anymore?

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How many emails do you get every day and how many of them should really be in your spam folder? Did you sign up for something and then the company sold your email address to everyone on the planet?  

Every once in a while, so-called marketing gurus announce the death of email marketing, but Luke Middendorf, the owner of WSI Connect in Northern California, is happy to tell the world that it's still alive and actually thriving. 

"I think it was about a decade ago that I first read an article boldly proclaiming that email marketing was dead," he said. "I laughed at the time as I could plainly see from our internal metrics that email marketing was still highly effective. Year after year, new technologies try to make the elimination of email marketing their claim to fame. Yet, year after year, email marketing continues to produce a better ROI than just about any other marketing strategy.

"Email marketing is still the best way to put your message in front of your target audience. You don’t have to wait for them to Google the types of products or services that you offer and you don’t have to hope that they will notice your Facebook campaign.  Email marketing delivers the content directly to them."

Email marketing does not need to be expensive, Middendorf explained. 

"It’s relatively low-cost," he said. "We actually utilize the free version provided by MailChimp for a number of our clients.  Their only costs are content development and building out email lists."

What are the key elements of a successful email marketing campaign? 

"There are two critical components to any effective email marketing campaign: providing high-quality content and building a great list," Middendorf said. "Building a list is the second important component of any successful email marketing program. There are tons of different ways to build an email list. The first one is just good old-fashioned networking. If you exchange business cards with another professional, you have their email address. I recommend sending them a personalized email before you add them to any email marketing campaign."

Educating and engaging your readers is paramount because they're savvy and can see an ad from a mile away. 

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