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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 19:52

OE Shop Certification Programs: Assured Performance Network

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What is you biggest challenge in maintaining the network?


The biggest challenge in maintaining the network is keeping all of the moving parts focused on the big picture and overall vision of a “proper and safe repair while consumers receive an exceptional treatment.” There are always people popping up with a new idea and me-too program that look shiny and exciting that can distract the market.


With any program, there is always the challenge of keeping the shop engaged and using certification correctly to differentiate them and have them stand out from the non-certified shops in their market. We have continuously added more OEMs and more value to the program to ensure that the shops see and gain value.


Our overall objective is to ensure our network is filled with best-in-class businesses performing at their peak potential. To achieve that, we have to invest several million into the IT and innovation with new tools for quality assurance, business improvement, consumer awareness, marketing, human resource management, customer service and data integrity.

Certified Collision Care Providers are extraordinary and not the same as body shops. They need to look and operate differently by using the tools that are available to them to improve their business model.


Based on the recent John Eagle decision, will you make any changes to your program?


We have already made the changes by introducing an OE-QC Quality Assurance program to enable shops to properly and adequately electronically document their use of OEM repair procedures and help manage their technicians’ compliance to quality for 100 percent of their repairs. This is far superior to the spot check approach. NOTE: We are the only organization or certification program from any OEM with this tool, and it is offered at no charge to our Certified Repair Providers as an integral part of their certification.


What do you see for the future of OE certification programs?


The future of the OEM certification programs will be stronger, and more than ever, the backbone to ensuring vehicles are properly repaired to protect the consumers. With vehicles becoming more advanced in material and technology, coupled with the introduction of telematics, the OEM is going to be playing a bigger role in the collision business. Eventually, consumers will demand that their new generation vehicle only be repaired by a shop that is certified to repair their specific vehicle.


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